Representatives from Somerset County Council, Wilmott Dixon and the Richard Huish Trust

We’re celebrating a milestone! The main super structure of our school is about to be completed, with work on the roof due to start in the new year. To mark the occasion we had a special ceremony with local councillor Guiseppe Fraschini, whose baby son Frederico will be joining our nursery. Guy Adams, Chair of our sponsors the Richard Huish Trust, also helped to tighten the bolts on one of the girders and everyone signed the frame.

                                          Cllr Guiseppe Frashchini tightens one of the bolts on the girders.

                                  Guy Adams from the Richard Huish Trust does his bit for the building.

Guiseppe Fraschini is the ward councillor for Taunton North. His baby son Frederico will be joining the nursery and he is moving to Northwalls Grange in January, which is right next door. He said: “As soon as I heard about the building of a new school I knew I had to make sure my son would be able to apply to go there. My wife and I are currently living in Bathpool and are excited about to moving to Northwalls in the new year, as it will be our first proper home.

“Our son will be able to see his school being built and will literally grow with it – that is something quite amazing really! It was an honour to be part of the ceremony today and I hope to be involved with the school as it progresses towards opening next year.”

                                        Chief Executive of the Trust John Abbott signs one of the girders.

Executive Head Teacher Mike Snowden said: “A great school is about people but having this fantastic new school building and grounds will absolutely ensure that together we will deliver the Richard Huish Trust’s vision to create a stimulating and enriching environment based on the enjoyment of learning, which is also a safe space for children to thrive will be delivered. I am very much looking forward to the future of this new school and the community it serves.”

                                                     Executive Head Teacher Mike Snowden (centre)