Our Maths Subject Leader is Mr Clapp 


At West Coker Primary School we aim to deliver an ambitious curriculum which is accessible to all and enables every child to become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, and to reason and solve problems by applying their knowledge. We intend for all children to have positive mathematical attitudes and understand how mathematics is useful in the wider world.


The majority of children should progress through the curriculum at the same pace. Adaptive teaching focuses on scaffolding with manipulatives and by emphasising deep knowledge and individual support. Lessons make use of the White Rose Maths curriculum and learning is deepened with additional, sourced activities that are also based on the White Rose strategies to ensure fidelity. NumberSense and Times Table Rockstars are used to reinforce the fundamentals and support fluency throughout the Maths curriculum. In addition, teachers use questioning to further learning and address misconceptions and pre-teaching to support children in topics they are having difficulty with. 


Children will become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics and can adapt their knowledge to reason and solve problems and apply their learning across the curriculum. Regular, ongoing assessment using White Rose tests after each unit and White Rose assessments termly, informs teaching which enables children to be successful. This helps us to maintain high standards of achievement at the end of KS2.

For more information about the White Rose Mathematics scheme, click on the link below: