Spring Term 2024
This term, our main topic is fantasy worlds, which allows us to investigate fairy tales, mythical beasts, fantasy stories and made-up worlds through stories. We will be using well known authors like Lewis Carroll and Dr. Seuss to learn how to write in imaginative ways and create fascinating worlds.
In Science, we will be learning about the human body, in particular the human senses.
In topic, we will have a geography focus, looking closely at the world. KS1 will focus on learning the continents and oceans, whilst EYFS will investigate how we can travel and where the hot and cold parts of the world are.
In design and technology, we will be looking at building shelters, linking in nicely to our new forest school sessions, which will look at the natural world we have close by, as well as learning new ways to join sticks together to make shelters.
In RE, we will be learning about Nature and God: the Christian creation story, Jewish Sukkot and Chinese New Year.